Monday, August 16, 2010

NBA Video Game Superstar Characteristics

Ever since I played NBA video games, I always wanted a career mode for players. The making of a superstar is not always in a straight path. Others take time while others are just born to be there. Here are some ideas I have in mind for superstar players in the making:

Prodigy - Since birth, this superstar has been given gifted abilities unparalleled by others. Scouts have seen him and project him to be a top 1 pick since high school and college. Taking the quick route, he'll go to the Pros once he's finished his freshmen year in NCAA.

Late Bloomer - He won't be an immediate impact but scouts have projected him to be an all-star caliber. But as he adjusts his game to the NBA, he'll start to impress everyone by exceeding their expectations. Around 3-5 years, he'll be one of the top players of the league and a franchise player.

Hardworker - Either taken from the D-League, undrafted or late draft pick, he'll work on his game. He'll be a bench player for a while playing a shooter's role or a defensive stopper, he'll become a force to reckon with once he's given playing time.

Foreign Key - A prospect from other leagues like Euroleague, he'll earn attention by grabbing awards on other leagues before making a big jump to the NBA. Adjustment will be a major factor in his transition to the NBA.
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