Monday, April 20, 2009

Axife Mouse Recorder on Pet Society

Axife Mouse Recorder on Pet Society

On the previous blog, I mentioned tips and tricks on how to level up in Pet Society the old fashioned honest to goodness way. In this article, we will be featuring a technique on how to "automate" leveling up using the Visit and Hug Technique I mentioned in the previous article. This was courtesy of the blog I found upon researching for bot techniques in Pet Society.

Download the demo version of Axife Mouse Recorder here. Then, install Axife and open your Facebook/ MySpace account. Record the Visit and Hug Technique with moderate delays as possible then stop recording. Repeat the process by selecting the two-pet iteration and then click the Options icon. On the Playback Tab, on the Number of repeats check the Repeat forever button then press Ok.

Play the iteration and verify if it actually does what it is supposed to do. Voila! It actually works!

1. Do take note though that you must leave your computer as is with no interruptions whatsoever in the coordinates of the mouse cursor.

2. While it actually works, high level pets will mean that the 5-paw-point-2-coin technique will take you a longer time to
leave the computer behind doing the automation.

3. Take note of the food and hygiene bars. While Axife is actually doing the technique for you, your pet also is exhausted at the process. You need to feed and clean him up time and time again. Failure to do so will consequently slow your pet making your automation process left behind in the delay you have already set in the recorded process.

4. Level up problem. While you have left your computer behind, chances are there will come a time that you have reached the maximum paw points to level up. An additional message box will appear as a part of this process and this is not recorded in your original automation. To counter this, you have to perform a double click once your pet has successfully "hugged" the other pet purposely as though you are anticipating the level up message box to pop up.

There you go! Have fun leveling up!

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Pet Society Tips and Tricks

Pet Society Tips and Tricks

While the Facebook fad that is Playfish's Pet Society is being outsourced by MySpace now, a lot of people are still getting addicted to this Sims-like, Nintendog-like online flash game.

Here are a few tips and tricks I would like to share with you based on experience on the fastest ways on how to level up in the Pet Society with no cheats whatsoever. I must admit that these tips and tricks can be found on a lot of Pet Society fan sites as well but heck, I did discover these things myself.

1. Visit all friends Technique - The more friends with pets you have, the more you garner experience points. There are 5 paw points + 20 coins for your first visit of the day. Unconciously, while browsing thru your friends' pets, you are leveling up and earning money. Do keep in mind that you must visit all your friends' pets regularly to earn these "default" paw points and coins.

2. The Visit and Hug Technique - While at the lowest levels, this technique should do the trick for you. After visiting all the pets around the neighborhood, select the lowest two pets in your friends list. Visit then hug the first one. And then visit the second to the lowest pet. Repeat this technique and you'll gain paw points faster. You must be wondering why you should be picking the last two pets in your list. This is mainly because most of the lowest level pets don't have furnitures, additional clothing, designs in their rooms. This avoids causing lag in the game which also adds to the boredom you're experiencing when the repetitive tasks are at hand. With the default visit and hug technique, you'll garner 5 paw points in a jiffy.

3. Visit and Feed Apples Technique - Before your first visit of all your friends' pets, buy as much apples as you want to at the Food Shop. Why apples? It is the cheapeast food you could possibly feed them and your pet as well. You can also choose other five-coin foods as well such as corn too if you want to. Then on your first visit, take note of those pets with less than full heart bars. Feed them apples even if they only have the slightest difference in their heart bars. You gain an additional 17 paw points and an additional 2 coins after feeding them. The additional 2 coins will your consolation as every feed of apple is actually costing you only 3 coins per feed of pets. After visiting all your friends' pets, go home and save your game status. Reconnect to Pet Society and then repeat the process again. The pets whom you've feeded apples to will have their heart bars reset back to their initial state before you came and fed them apples in your previous visit. I recommend doing this for Level 15 and up.

4. Visit and Clean Technique - This is just almost the same as the previous technique, however, you're just inspecting their hygiene bars. I don't particularly know the exact paw points you're getting for the hygiene bars but randomly you'll be having 6, 13 or 20+ paw points with the addition of 2 coins per satisfaction the pet is having from your cleaning.

5. Give a Gift and Send Back Technique - This technique was actually a friend's advice. If you have saved tons of money, buy something expensive enough. Buying expensive items already earns you huge paw points. However, giving them as gifts to your close friends whom you are leaving a message behind stating you want them back in return they'll be having huge paw points as well by sending them back as a gift is a faster way of leveling up. I have experienced giving gifts with a reward of 47 paw points. The only drawback here is how fast your friends will send these gifts back and how fast the time spent for sending these gifts will happen.

6. Open multiple accounts simultaneously Technique - Have you created another account just for the sake of Pet Society? Or do you have friends which have their log-in credentials saved in your computer? You can open them simultaneously by opening different browsers at the same time in your computer. You can opt to install other browsers as well like Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera if you want to. Do the Give a Gift and Send Back technique like madness once get this going. One disclaimer though, do take note that you are only purposely logging-in other accounts for the purpose of leveling up in Pet Society.

7. Low Food and Hygiene Bars Pact Technique - So most of the previously mentioned techniques have gotten you to the leveling all by yourself. Now, it's time to make an agreement with your friends to leave their food (heart) bars and hygiene bars as low as possible before leaving the game. In this way, you are helping yourselves level up because there are more pets to feed thus further gaining paw points for yourself. Do the Visit and Feed Technique like crazy with Give a Gift and Send Back technique as a combination to your buddies.

Well I guess that's about it. If ever I'll be getting addicted to Pet Society again and I'll discover techniques by myself or my colleagues as well, I'll be keeping you posted. Have fun playing!

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Element Tower Defense

Element Tower Defense

Aside from Defense of the Ancients All-Stars, Tower Defense games such as Element Tower Defense have been quite popular in Garena. Tons of Garena players are still playing Warcraft not because of its long-term support thru patches but because of custom-made maps. And in this article, we feature a bit of trivia about Element Tower Defense - a Warcraft custom-made map.

Unlike DoTA wherein multiplayer is required (well, for now IceFrog's also keeping the map with AI available at and a series of complex item building, strategy between players and attracts attention because of the competitive level, you can play this map by simply creating a game, choosing the map and voila you can actually play it by yourself.

Although I have just played it thrice in Garena along with my friends, it is quite a stress-free game with only one purpose - defend yourself by creating towers. There are six elements in which the gameplay revolves into - Fire, Nature, Earth, Wind, Light and Darkness. At first, there are the basic towers - Arrow and Cannon to help you defend from mediocre enemies. Then, after every 5 levels, a lumber is rewarded to you. In this way, you can summon an enemy with a particular elemental type you have to defend to. Successfully killing it would automatically lend their powers to you. There are five levels for each type of elements. After you've successfully defended yourself from the first level, you will automatically be able to summon the next level elemental - assuming you have a lumber available.

The gameplay reaches its peek when you have successfully defended yourself from 60 waves of creeps plus the elementals you've summoned. Once at level 60, guess who you'll be defending yourself from? Ronald McDonald! The game goes on until you have ran out of lives from defending yourself. In actuality, Ronald will keep on getting stronger until you can't defend yourself from him anymore.


Basically, there are eight slots available for the multiplayer mode. In this mode, players just have to successfully defend themselves. Once their lives are over, the winner will be determined by the number of kills he had from his tower defense.

Wanna try it? For more info, you can download the map and get detailed FAQ by visiting Have fun gaming!

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