Monday, February 9, 2009

Prince of Tennis National Championship Finals: Sanada vs Tezuka

Prince of Tennis National Championship Finals Summary
by Shindo Hikaru

Summit Showdown!

Sanada, Yukimura and Tezuka's past is revealed. Ryoma Echizen is missing and Momoshiro is out there looking for him together with Atobe riding in a helicopter. Sanada and Tezuka battle it out at the Singles 3. Sanada used the following techniques to answer Tezuka:

Swift Like the Wind
Fuu - Wind, Rin - Woods, Ka - Fire, Zan - Mountain
Quiet Like the Forest
Invade Like Fire
Immovable Like a Mountain
Strike Like Lightning

Unpredictable Like a Shadow - Sanada's sealed ultimate techniques that leaves no trace of weakness and gives off multiple behavioral patterns so that opponents would not be able to read his movements.
Fuu - Wind, Rin - Woods, Ka - Fire, In - Shadow, Zan - Mountain, Rai - Lightning

Meanwhile Tezuka used the following in order to answer Sanada:

Tezuka Zone
Hyaku-Ren Jitoku (Pinnacle of Hard Work)
Saiki Kanpatsu no Kiwami (Pinnacle of Great Wisdom)
Zero-Shiki Drop Shot
Tezuka Phantom - Tezuka Zone with an opposite effect

Sanada explained that Hyaku-Ren Shitoku no Kiwami was defeated by Lightning and Saiki Kanpatsu no Kiwami was defeated by Shadow which triggered Tezuka to use the Tezuka Phantom. He used the technique until the end which caused his left arm to sore while Sanada used the Fuu-Rin-Ka-In-Zan-Rai which caused Sanada's legs to sore when he was down 4 to 5 in favor of Tezuka. Atobe, Fuji and Ryuuzaki-sensei both said that Tezuka is sacrificing his left arm again for Seigaku's dreams. Ooishi fell into his knees and began to cry. Yukimura explained to him that for Rikkai Dai to win its third consecutive title, he must stop using his ultimate technique and throw it away for Tezuka to not be able to predict when he will be using Fuu-Rin-Ka-In-Zan-Rai again. However, upon leading the game, he brought it up again to have a head-on challenge against Tezuka because it would be against Rikkai Dai to win without using his sealed technique.

Sanada recalled Rikkai Dai's second consecutive championship win in which he was defeated by Tezuka and told to himself that he won't be able to defeat Tezuka ever. In the end, Sanada won the game 7-5 with Tezuka's shot falling short of the cord ball using his Tezuka Zone.

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If I were a Handheld console manufacturer...

With Nintendo and Sony releasing their third generation of DS and PSP, I think most of the handheld console owners are now wondering what's next in the future on Handheld gaming?

The iPod Touch Potential

Recently, a friend of mine bought an iPod touch and to my surprise it runs Java-based applications though it can only work on iTunes. The handheld touch-based media player has got me interested more on its true potential as a serious handheld platform. Sure there is Nintendo's DS which attracted most of its current owners with its unique gameplay features but of course as the years progress, gamers demand more on both the handheld manufacturer and game developers as well. Sony's PSP has attracted those gamers who want superior visual and audio in gaming than that of the DS. Also, its browsing, TV-out and media capabilities have made it even more interesting.

With the rumors that Microsoft is supposedly to release its own version of a handheld console to rival Nintendo and Sony, many are wondering if they are capable of pulling such a thing. Sony's still got baby steps and still have a long way to go to reach Nintendo. But if we take a look at the success of the Playstation 1 and 2, they have what it takes to challenge the long time handheld console giant Nintendo.

The next generation handheld consoles may be years away from release even the product conception may still be in the alpha stage. However, I think it may be a bit difficult for these giant companies to top their own current handheld consoles specifically Nintendo. Knowing the success of Wii, gamers expect more creativeness and more gameplay from them. Sony on the other hand only needs to further innovate and develop a strong series of franchise-building games incorporated in their handheld consoles.

Maybe they should take a long hard look and consideration on iPod Touch's technology. Maybe they should just allow more customizable features to be developed in their consoles. Recently, exclusivity is taking a toll on the public's acceptance of gadgets nowadays.

What I wanted on a handheld console would be iPod Touch's technology. Gameplay plus iPod Touch's technology and Nintendo's innovative dual screen will be a console to reckon with. Nintendo's originality reinvented. With lots of successful franchise games released by Nintendo, don't you think it's time to create new franchise games for the new generation of gamers? Sure they have attracted casual gamers into the world of gaming. But don't ever forget the hardcore gamers who are forever embracing the gaming industry. Squaresoft should also take this one seriously. Improved visuals and audio capability is also a must considering players nowadays demand more since they are exposed to PS3 and XBOX 360's visuals.

Game manufacturers definitely would like to create a handheld console for the ages. But given the ever-changing technology, demands of the gamers and cost of game manufacturing and game development, gameplay is still the most important part of the game and it is what gamers are entertained for.

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