Sunday, July 25, 2010

DotA ESWC Grand Finals 2010 Recap

EHome vs DTS Gaming

Line Up:
EH.GIGABYTE.X!! - Vengeful Spirit
EHOME.820.CN - Demon Witch
EH.GIGABYTE.lJy - Admiral Proudmoore
EH.GIGABYTE.357 - Earth Shaker

DTS)Light - Drow Ranger
DTS|Dread - Witch Doctor
DTS|Dendi - Nevermore
DTS|ArtStyle - Lightning Revenant
DTS^NS - Crystal Maiden

The ESWC DotA Grand Finals proved that EHome is clearly at its peak dominating DTS the entire game. With all of their hero picks having disabling skills, it became tough for DTS to make a comeback out of early harrasing of the top and bottom lanes.

Besides the lack of warding, the late skill addition of the Drow Ranger of Silence which may have mightily helped them against early ganking by EHome has been one of the key factors in their loss. For the most part, Earth Shaker was constantly jungling and with the help of the Vengeful Spirit, they have torn apart the top and bottom lanes. In addition to that, the Admiral Proudmoore was able to push around the Lightning Revenant at the bottom lane with the lack of help from other players. Crystal Maiden was jungling but was unable to assist most of the times coming in late or getting killed resulting in a huge level gap unlike EHome's jungler Earth Shaker.

DTS had no strength heroes to rely on to carry the game should it become a long battle with both the Drow Ranger and Lightning Revenant unsuccessful in their attempts to farm early in the game.

Eventhough the game was lopsided, DTS has managed to defend the middle lane although it is unclear if EHome did it on purpose concentrating on how to harrass other lanes and just allowing the Demon Witch to level up and rack up its disabling abilities.
The clash at around seven minutes before the game ended showed how resistance against a team full of disabling skills was futile especially playing with heroes of low HP.

Stats and Replay can be found here.
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