Saturday, May 8, 2010

How to Play Mafa Tower Defense

Mafa TD Queen is a custom map made in Warcraft 3. Its a game that can be played individually or cooperatively upto 11 players whose main objective is to create towers to kill the creeps coming out before it reaches the portal like many other tower defense games.

Initially you and your entire team will be given 40 lives meaning you have 40 chances of being spared and not allowing the creeps to pass by the portal to finish the game. You'll be given the chance to create a Technology Tower which can be upgraded twice to reach Level 3 and create towers to defend and later on have the chance to summon custom builders and heroes to help you with defending your base.

Currently, the most famous version being played is version 4.5 Ultra Hard which features three modes: Hard, Extra Hard and Ultra Hard. After choosing the difficulty, you can customarily type -reveal to reveal the entire map to you and your allies. Take note that the player assigned with the Red color will be in charge of the middle which is a very important position in the game and which also has the priviledge of extra money.

Here are the list of towers you can build in Mafa TD 4.5:
- Cutter Tower
- Tower of Vengeance
- Flame Tower
- Ice Tower
- Poison Tower
- Lightning Tower
- Arrow Tower
- Super Splash Tower
- Super Damage Tower
- Elfame Keep
- Gaia Tower
- NecroMonger Tower
- Gaia Shop
- Pirate Tower

Lightning tower is specifically required to upgrade your Technology Center whle Poison tower can be upgraded to Noob Furion to increase the chances of gold returned to you so you can have more money to be spent. Cutter towers are fast and often built by those allies near the base since it is a fast creep killer.

While these towers help you defend your base, chances are you need the help of these four non-hero characters that you can summon aside from your builder. Aside from building, these characters have specific purposes:
- Fujiko - is able to see invisible units.
- Pirate of the Greedy Queen - capable of building the Pirate tower and stunning ground units.
- Naga Summon Maiden - has a net and whisper capability to disable air units while stun for ground units.
- Mr. Freaks - capable of creating the portal to summon the Brilliant Goddess and other special towers specifically Gaia tower, NecroMonger tower and the Gaia Shop.

Of course, nothing beats a movable, item-equipped character who damages like a tower and upgrades your towers into specific builds. Sad thing though, you can only summon a single hero in the game. Even if you activate the food cheat in single player mode, you won't be able to summon all of them in a single game. So choose wisely.
- Queen of the Seventh Hell
- Queen of Greed
- Lich Queen
- The Brilliant Goddess

If you'd like to play cooperatively, create or join games in Garena Philippines War3 Custom Map Tree Tag rooms.
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